9 February 2023

Together with Climate Impact Partners to offset our greenhouse gas emissions and deliver sustainable development impacts

B-Lab (Italia) Srl is working with Climate Impact Partners to offset its greenhouse gas emissions with projects that cut carbon and deliver sustainable development impacts.

As part of B-Lab’s environmental strategy, it is working with Climate Impact Partners, specialist in carbon market solutions for climate action, to offset its Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions.

As well as taking action to reduce its footprint through the constant delivery of training to its employees to raise awareness around energy saving procedures and through the gradual replacement of traditional company vehicles with greener ones, unavoidable emissions have been offset through projects including one supporting rural clean cooking in India.

This project, which supports 8 of the 17 UN SDGs and is verified by one of the leading international carbon standards – the Gold Standard, targets low-income and smallholder farmers in rural areas across India and produces clean and affordable energy with animal waste that otherwise goes unused, emitting methane and threatening nearby water sources.

The solution put in place by the project is the installation of biodigesters, which convert waste from cattle into biogas, creating a closed loop clean energy solution for cooking and heating. Carbon finance lowers the cost of purchase and installation for the biodigester tank and cookstove for users.

The biogas burns cleanly, reducing indoor air pollution and emissions from fuel wood. The project also creates a circular economy for biogas which avoids waste, improves sanitation, and creates jobs installing biodigesters.

“We are delighted to work with experts in this sector, Climate Impact Partners. They have over 25 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest voluntary carbon offsetting programs in the world. Working with them means all the projects we are supporting are independently verified and have a real and positive impact on the climate.” Observed Carlo Canestri, B-lab Sole Director

Elizabeth Greagg, Client Engagement Manager at Climate Impact Partners, explained: “We work with leading organizations to deliver action on climate change and create a more sustainable world. Our joined-up approach helps organizations address their environmental impacts through high-quality carbon market solutions that also deliver positive impact for nature and local communities.”