1 January 2018

Blue Barriers Project

A tangible project to reduce the amount of plastics in the oceans

B-Lab conscious of the possible impact that packaging and materials entered in the market can have on the environment, proudly adheres to SEADS’ “Blue Barriers Project” to contribute in preventing negative impact on our Oceans.

Every minute the equivalent of a garbage truck loaded with plastic is dumped into the sea. This quantity is expected to double by 2035 and quadruple by 2050. By then there will be more plastic waste in the sea than fish.

The Oceans Protection project is based on a simple but effective long-term solution that will stop and collect waste before entering the Ocean and re-direct plastics towards a recycling: light, cost-effective, low maintenance barriers that are designed to resist at any conditions to permanently solve the issue.

Sorting, selling and recycling the collected material can generate a profit and create job opportunities for the local communities.

Since 2018 B-Lab has been supporting “Blue Barriers” project with the challenging goal of reducing by 70%, within 2030, the amount of plastics dumped into the oceans along rivers.