23 février 2023

A new vehicle for granted mobility offered in use to ANA Alessandria

On Saturday 4th February 2023 we had the honor of participating in the delivery ceremony of a new means of social transport donated to ANA (the Alpine troops) of Alessandria.

The vehicle was granted on free loan to the Alpini with the sponsorship of the Municipalities of Alessandria, Felizzano, Quattordio and Solero for the performance of social activities aimed at their respective communities, thanks to the collaboration of some local entrepreneurs, including B-Lab, who believed in the project proposed by PMG.

PMG Italia Benefit Corporation for a positive impact, has set a Fiat Doblò XL up with a platform for transporting people with disabilities that ANA Alessandria will be able to use in the area to serve the community.

In addition to the Mayors of the Municipalities involved, the management of PMG Italia and various representatives of the companies involved, many Alpines from the Alessandria section took part in the delivery, led by their President Bruno Dalchecco who, assisted by his advisers, stubbornly wanted to achieve this goal to further consolidate the activity in the area.

In fact, this new vehicle will make it possible to support and strengthen a service which in some Municipalities is already active with non-equipped vehicles and which allows further help to be given to those who need it most.

In B-Lab we are particularly proud to have been able to contribute to making a service of this type available for our city.